Become a 272 Antiques Dealer!

Are you an experienced antique dealer looking for a new venue? Or maybe are you an avid collector and antique shopper, now realizing that it’s time to begin selling? We have dealers at all levels of experience, selling a huge variety of antiques, collectibles and vintage items. Sometimes we have booth space or a showcase come available for a dealer new to our “family”. Our prices start at $65 for a showcase or $95 for a booth, and go up from there depending upon the amount of space you require. Booth spaces require 1-2 workdays depending on the size of the space.

As Management we take our responsibility to bring in customer traffic very seriously. We pride ourselves on aggressive and innovative marketing strategies. We work to bring the customers in the door, our dealers provide the right merchandise at the right price.

We welcome both seasoned and novice dealers to our friendly cooperative market. Our 90+ dealers work together make our shop successful for everyone, we learn from each other, and most importantly, we have fun.

If you are interested in renting space at 272 Antiques Mall, please contact our store manager or inquire on the form provided below.

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